On 25, 26 and 27 May, both sides filed complaints about alleged violations of the Comprehensive Ceasefire Agreement by civilians and military personnel in the Al-Dawayima area. At an emergency meeting of the Joint Ceasefire Commission, the two sides agreed on a joint investigation. United Nations observers accompanied the representatives to the demarcation line to establish the facts. Despite the previously agreed ceasefire, heavy shelling broke out during the investigation. Israeli troops had fired on Jordanian territory in response to the illegal incursion of Jordanian peasants across the demarcation line against Jordanians, and Israeli soldiers were suspected of burning crops on Jordanian territory. The origin of the incident was the illegal cultivation of land on Israeli territory by Jordanians. Armed Jordanians had entered Israeli territory to harvest grain, and other Jordanians had fired over the demarcation line to protect the pickers. The Jordanian government has not taken any measures to promote or prevent the measures taken, although subsequent considerations have been made. [18] Whether or to what extent Israel should withdraw its population and armed forces from its side of the Green Line remains a crucial issue in some discussions around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There is an almost unanimous international consensus that Israel should withdraw to its side of the line.

This was expressed during the annual vote of the United Nations General Assembly on the peaceful settlement of the Palestinian question. [23] Although challenged by Israel, UNITED Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (UNSCR 242)[24] set out the interpretation of international law with respect to the Palestinian territories. The Chairman of the United Nations Joint Commission, Colonel Garrison B. Coverdale (United States), urged a solution to this problem in the Joint Ceasefire Commission, in a friendly spirit and a spirit of the United Nations. In September 1955, Ariel Sharon`s paratroopers invaded the United Nations sector of the demilitarized zone. .