In a new “parliamentary and government agreement” published on Monday, the Labour and Green parties presented their agreed political agenda for the next four years of the Legislative Assembly, including a series of measures designed to help advance the ACT towards its goal of net-zero emissions by 2045. Shane Rattenbury retained a seat in the expanded Legislative Assembly in the 2016 ACT election and held the ministerial portfolios of Climate Change and Sustainability; corrections and justice health; justice, consumer protection and road safety; and mental health. Caroline Le Couteur was also re-elected after losing her seat in 2012. The Greens maintained their position in the balance of power for a third consecutive term, and the ACT Greens and the ACT Labour parties signed another parliamentary agreement setting out the terms of their power-sharing in government. [11] The ACT government will face a busy year of legislative reform in 2022 to keep pace with its commitment to implement the range of reforms in its power-sharing agreement, but to work on most of the measures underway. “My entire political career has been based on collaboration, compromise, and working with other people to get a result,” Barr said. Mr. Barr said at the time of signing the agreement that it would be different from previous agreements, and that was evident in the title, because this time it would be a parliamentary and governance agreement. Kerrie Tucker was again the only member of the Greens at the rally, during which the Labour Party formed a minority government with her support and that of Australian Democrat Roslyn Dundas. There was no formal parliamentary agreement between the three ruling parties for this assembly. As expected, all three areas were described as issues of particular interest in the parliamentary and government agreement presented by ACT Labor and the Greens on Monday. “It gives me great confidence that the two groups will build a common relationship for the next four years,” he said. The agreement also sets the goal of reducing licenses for slot machines in the ACT to 3500 by 2025.

So what`s in the deal and who are the winners and losers? The party had proposed a $400 million housing project for 400 social housing units and 600 affordable rents, and pledged to fund MyHome in Curtin, all of which were included in the deal. The Greens and the PLA signed a “parliamentary agreement” to formalise the agreement. Under the agreement, the Greens secured a number of parliamentary reforms, including implementing the Latimer House principles of accountability and cooperation, requiring equal speaking time for the government and opposition for all debates, calling for a triple impact assessment for all key bills and policy proposals, and the requirement that bills not be debated in the same session. into which they are introduced. One of the five proposals in the Labour-Greens power-sharing agreement in the previous legislature has still not been met. Under the new agreement, legislation will be introduced next year to ban gas connections in new developments, and a transition program will be developed with industry to begin phasing out gas in existing areas. Attorney General and Green Party Leader Shane Rattenbury said the updated agreement shows that the two sides are working together effectively and that the progress report is an important accountability measure to keep the government on track. The measures included in the parliamentary agreement include: In a “cooperation agreement”, the parties agreed to work together in the next legislature, and Climate Change Minister James Shaw retains his position in the Ardern ministry, albeit outside Parliament, although the New Zealand Labour Party won enough seats in the October elections. to have an absolute majority. As planned, the parties have agreed to deliver the second leg of the light rail transit to Woden. The agreement says they plan to do so “as soon as possible.” The parties today announced their new intergovernmental agreement for the next four years and pledged to appoint three Greens to its nine-member ministry. The agreement gave Shane Rattenbury ministerial portfolios on aging; Housing; corrections; and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs, as well as the territorial and municipal services of the Second Gallagher Ministry and the First Barr Ministry.

Monday`s deal also led the government to pledge to spend $18 million on homeless services, acknowledging that the sector had not received increasing funding to meet the recent surge in demand. Under the new “parliamentary and government agreement”, ACT`s Greens have agreed to help ACT`s Labour form a government, including by supporting the passage of budget laws, and will not table or support no-confidence motions except in particularly egregious cases of corruption or negligence. After years of pressure, the Greens managed to include a major reform of poker machines in the deal. The deal follows a similar deal between New Zealand`s Labour and Green parties, with Green co-leaders due to serve a second term in the Ardern ministry. ACT Labor and the ACT Greens have reached a new power-sharing agreement in the ACT Legislature, which includes a wide range of initiatives to reduce emissions and support the introduction of energy storage and electric vehicles in the state capital. .